State Funding for Ill. Schools in Limbo

Jul 7, 2017

Despite Thursday's approval of a state budget for Illinois, not every sector of state spending is finalized. And that includes elementary and secondary education.

United Township Superintendent Jay Morrow says the new budget includes money for k-12 education, but the formula for distributing it has not been approved. And until a separate bill with a formula is approved and signed by the governor, the money will not be available.

"The governor can either sign Senate Bill 1 and schools will get the money that was budgeted, or he can veto it. And if he vetoes it, the legislature will have to come back and consider whether to override that veto."

Doctor Morrow says he's "very concerned" because a possible new funding formula is tied up in the dispute over funding and pensions for schools in Chicago.

In a normal year, the first state aid payments are sent to Illinois schools in August.