Selfie Stations a "Big Hit" for Rock Island Co. Clerk

Aug 2, 2017

A couple from East Moline is ready to get married, and they have a photo to prove it. Wednesday morning, Albert Gardner and Kathleen Hunter were the first to take advantage of the Rock Island County Clerk's new, marriage license "selfie station." 

County Clerk Karen Kinney says she bought all the items with her own money, so no taxpayer funds were spent.

"It includes a sign with a chalkboard on it that says '30 days until our wedding,'" Kinney says. "It has wedding bells on it, it has flowers on it; it looks very festive."

For years, people applying for marriage licenses have asked Kinney's staff to take pictures of them across the counter.

She got the idea for the wedding selfie station after setting up a similar backdrop for voters during a recent election, which she says was a big hit.

Gardner and Hunter have 30 days to get married, and they plan to "tie the knot" on September 2. Marriage licenses cost $35, but use of the selfie station is free.