Rock River Falling Slowly

Jul 28, 2017

The Rock River in Moline - North Shore Drive and 25th Street.
Credit WVIK News

After cresting earlier this week, the level of the Mississippi River is dropping fast, but not the Rock.

In the Quad Cities, the Mississippi has fallen more than 2 feet since it crested on Tuesday, at one foot over flood stage. Downstream, it's also begun to fall in Muscatine, New Boston, Keithsburg, and Burlington.

In Moline, the Rock River crested on Wednesday nearly 3 1/2 feet over flood stage, but has only fallen about 3/4 of a foot since then. And it's not expected to reach flood stage until next Thursday.

In Joslin, the river has dropped about 1 1/2 feet since it crested on Tuesday, and likely won't fall below flood stage for a week.