River Bandits Ready for New Season

Apr 4, 2017

The Midwest League is preparing to start its new season this week. The Quad Cities River Bandits arrived last Saturday and will play their first game Thursday night at home against Wisconsin.

Manager Russ Steinhorn has come to the Quad Cities for the first time and says he's very pleased with the players sent here by the parent team, the Houston Astros.

"We've got a lot of picks, the organization picked high in the draft. We have a lot of international free agents that worked their way through the system and have earned the opportunity to be here, so we're very excited with the roster we're starting off with." 

Steinhorn says at this level, his most important job isn't necessarily winning. 

"Yes we would like to win and we would like to bring a good brand of baseball to the Quad Cities area and to this affiliate, and to represent the Astros, but the number one priority is the development of the baseball player and each individual in that clubhouse." 

And he says he helps them move up to higher level teams by building trust with the players so they know he has their best interest at heart.

The River Bandits will begin the new season with four games against Wisconsin -- Thursday and Friday at home, Saturday and Sunday on the road.