QC Food Hub Closing

Oct 5, 2017

Credit QC Food Hub

After eight years, the QC Food Hub in Davenport is closing. Its goal was to support local farmers and help them sell the food they produced to local residents. 

Denise Bulat, President of the QC Food Hub, says three years ago, it received a federal grant that is now running out. 

"What happened is there's really not enough money coming into cover the staff that would be needed for the Food Hub. But also, in the last 8 years since we've began, there's many more opportunities for local farmers and for people who prepare local food to get connected without the need of our organization to make that connection for them." 

Bulat says she is proud of what the Food Hub has accomplished. 

The Food Hub Retail Market will only be open on weekends through the end of this month. And any final training and other events will continue through December.