Prom-Goers Learn Not To Drink and Drive

Apr 22, 2016

It's prom season, and students at Davenport North High School are getting ready to celebrate. On Friday, a group of students and emergency crews helped teenagers prepare by reminding them what can happen if they choose to drink and drive. 

 Sam Dunklau reports hundreds of students watched a crash simulation unfold. 


Davenport High School students expect prom night to be full of fun and dancing. But, that can all change in the blink of an eye.

A mock car crash caused by drunken driving was staged in the school's parking lot. Every two years, they present it for juniors and seniors attending prom, where the likelihood of drinking and driving is high, as a way of encouraging them to celebrate responsibly.

Senior Josh Voelkers led a student executive committee that organized the simulation. Hehopes the mock crash persuades his classmates to make the right decision, and not a deadly one.    Davenport fire and ambulance crews, police, and a local funeral home participated in the simulation. More than 250 students bought tickets for the "Midnight Masquerade" prom at Davenport's River Center. I'm Sam Dunklau.