Preparing for Potential Spring Flooding

Apr 12, 2017

From 2016, inmates fill sandbags in southern Illinois, along the Mississippi River.
Credit Illinois Emergency Management Agency

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency is holding its annual meetings with local officials to prepare for possible flooding this spring. Meetings will be held Thursday in Savanna and the Quad Cities.

Agency spokeswoman Patti Thompson says the danger of flooding from snow melt has passed, but heavy rain could cause flooding at any time. 

"It's always good to  go through this kind of procedure of talking to each other and making sure we're all in tune with what would need to be done and how we could most effectively fight the floods if they do happen."

Thompson says the state can help local responders in a variety of ways - by providing sandbags, state trucks to deliver the sandbags, and even prison inmates to help with the flood fighting.

Thursday's meetings in Savanna and Milan will include fire and police departments, local emergency managers, the National Weather Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers. 

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency has already met with local agencies in Quincy, and in northern Illinois. Next week similar meetings will be held in southern Illinois.

(Savanna City Hall at 10:15 am, Rock Island County Emergency Management Agency in Milan 2:45 pm)