Planned Parenthood to Close Quad Cities Clinic

May 19, 2017

Four of 12 Planned Parenthhood clinics in Iowa are closing after the Legislature cut its state funding.

Three of those clinics are in eastern Iowa - Bettendorf, Burlington and Keokuk. The clinic in Sioux City will also close. 

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland spokeswoman Susan Allen says a number of factors went into the decision.

"The patient load of course but also the communities, the patient need, the support in communities, the opposition," she said. "There's a variety of factors that went into it and ultimately we made the heartbreaking decision that those were the four centers that needed to close as a result of the de-funding, and it's a direct result of the de-funding."

Republican lawmakers agreed during the spring session to give up millions of dollars in federal Medicaid money to create a state-run family planning program excluding organizations that provide abortions.

Planned Parenthood also provides breast exams, STD testing and treatment, and testicular testing for men, among other services, to many low-income patients.

The three health centers slated for closing in eastern Iowa served a total of about 10,000 patients in the past three years. The Quad Cities clinic alone served nearly 4,000.

The Burlington, Keokuk, and Sioux City clinics will close June 30th. The Bettendorf clinic will remain open until the building is sold. 

The closest clinic to Bettendorf is an hour away.