NWS: Hurricanes and Wildfires Contributing To Low-Hanging Smoke Clouds in QC

Sep 6, 2017

Hurricane Harvey on the verge of making landfall on the Texas coast on August 25, 2017.
Credit NOAA Satellite

Meteorologists say wildfires and hurricanes throughout the country are creating a perfect storm to create the yellow tinted, smoke-filled sky seen in the Quad Cities recently.

Davenport forecaster Jim Hladik says smoke from wildfires in Montana and Canada sits at about one thousand feet off the ground once it lingers to the area, causing a yellowish hue in the sky. 

But he says atmospheric patterns of Hurricane Harvey and upcoming Irma could be causing that smoke to drop.  

"Like late last week we had a heavy stream of smoke moving across the region, and combined with that downward motion from of Harvey -- that probably contributed to allowing for some of the smoke that was aloft to be dragged to the surface, where people could smell it or even see some ashes." 

Hladik says Quad Citians can expect to see a yellowish hue or smoke throughout the region into next week.

Wildfires continue to engulf the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, as well as in Washington, Montana, California and Canada.

Hurricane Irma is a stage 5 storm expected to hit the Florida coast in the next few days. Hladik says those conditions will cause dry, sunny weather in the Midwest.