New Summer Theater Group

Feb 6, 2017

Students, community members, and professional actors will soon share a theater stage. On Sunday Augustana College announced the debut of the Mississippi Bend Players, a new summer theater troupe.

It was founded by Broadway director and Augustana alum Phil McKinley. It will perform three shows in July and August with small casts.

Augustana Theater Assistant, Christina Myatt,  says the troupe will offer students a new summer opportunity.

"If we go back in Augustana history, there was the Augustana Summer Theater Program also known as the Pitchfork Players, which was around for many years. They gave students the opportunity to be interns and to work on shows."

Myatt says professional actors, students, and community members will act together for each of the shows. And they'll even be paid.

"We're excited for what this is for the community and we're excited for our students, and we're excited to show off the space."

The Mississippi Bend Players held auditions Saturday and Sunday for all three of their summer shows. Their first show, "Zombie Prom," will debut July 7th. Season tickets are now on sale.