Major Renovation at Sunset Heights

Feb 12, 2018

Sunset Heights Renovation Model
Credit Rock Island Housing Authority
Affordable housing in Rock Island is getting a face lift. Sunset Heights on Martin Luther King Drive/9th Street in Rock Island is undergoing a 12 million dollar renovation. 

The money comes from a switch in affordable housing funding, according to Gail Riggins of Rock Island Housing Authority.

"The subsidies are still there for the residents, their rent is still based on 30% of their income, but the subside that pays for that retd comes from a different pot of money if you will. Instead of a Public Housing Program pot of money it comes from a Section 8 pot of money. That's a far more stable funding source or HUD."

Sunset Heights first announced the renovation in 2016. Towards the end of the construction process, the Rock Island Housing Authority will open up the waitlist and begin accepting applications. 

Riggins hopes the building renovations will also benefit the community.

"When one person paints there house and puts up new trees and flowers it sends some positive waves through out the community and starts some positive momentum. We always look forward to having that kind of an impact on the communities where our properties exist."

Construction at Sunset Heights is set to be completed this fall.