Loebsack: Let Iowans Use D.C. Health Insurance

Jun 7, 2017

Americans who lose their coverage from the Affordable Care Act should be able to sign up for the healthcare plan now available to members of congress. 

That's according to Iowa 2nd District Congressman Dave Loebsack.

He's introduced a bill that would allow Americans living in counties without insurance options to buy plans through D.C. Healthlink.

2nd Congressional District Congressman Dave Loebsack.
Credit WVIK

"It's legislation that I think is important because it addresses the problems that these folks are facing potentially. They basically might not have any options or at best they'll have to go into a high risk pool which is very, very uncertain itself. There are very high premiums there, the coverage isn't as good and that's not acceptable as far as I'm concerned." 

Nearly every health insurance provider in Iowa plans to pull out of the state by next year, citing high costs and uncertainty about the future of the Affordable Care Act.

Loebsack says if one of the two remaining providers, Medica, pulls out, 14,000 Iowans would be affected. That's in addtion to 58,000 people already affected by companies pulling out of the state.