LeClaire Distillery Adds a Cocktail Room & Jobs

Jul 26, 2017

The Mississippi River Distilling Company, and its customers, are enjoying the perks of Iowa's reformed liquor law. Co-owner of the LeClaire business, Garrett Burchett, served on the task force that worked out details of the law which went into effect early this month.

Burchett says the sampling area has been remodeled and is now called, the Cody Road Cocktail House. The distilling company also fixed-up the patio, and provides live music on weekends. He and his brother, co-owner Ryan Burchett, can now serve mixed drinks with the vodka, gin, whiskey, and other spirits they make with local ingredients.

For example, customers may order a "Buffalo Bill" from bartenders known as "cocktail ambassadors."

Credit https://www.mrdistilling.com/recipes/recipe/buffalo-bill / Mississippi River Distilling Company

Customers may also buy more than two bottles of liquor per visit, then take advantage of hundreds of recipes posted on the Mississippi River Distilling Company's website.

The company started in 2011 with three workers. But with recent hires, it now employs 20.

By the way on Saturday, the Cody Road Cocktail House will feature music from, Ryan Burchett & The Moonshiners.