Iowa DNR Buys Louisa Co. Former Farmland

Jun 15, 2017

Snakes, turtles, toads, and frogs in Louisa County may not notice, but the Iowa DNR is their new landlord. This month, the Natural Resources Commission decided to buy 135 acres two miles north of Columbus Junction.

Andy Robbins is a Wildlife Management Biologist at Lake Odessa. He says the bottomland is adjacent to the Cedar River. It will become part of the only Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Area in the US. Known as the ARCA, it runs from Cedar to Lee counties.

Robbins says it's unique because unlike most of Iowa, it's never been drained. And 55 of 72 of the amphibian and reptile species in the state are located in the ARCA.

The wildlife biologist says hunters and other sportsmen help pay for wetland and habitat restoration in the state. And DNR's main goal is to give them more places to hunt.