Hockey Season Must Be Soon

Sep 23, 2015

If they're making ice, hockey season can't be far off. Last week, workers at the iWireless Center in Moline began the annual laborious process of building the rink, and it should be finished by this weekend.Kevin Snodgrass is Director of Operations for the center.

Workers first assemble the walls of the rink, and put down a layer of insulation on the cement floor. Then they connect 25 miles of tubing that will carry a mixture of water and antifreeze that keeps the ice cold. Sand is packed by hand around the tubes, then it's covered with ice, one very thin layer at a time.

Some local hockey leagues will begin using the ice on Sunday (9/27), and training camp for the Quad City Mallards begins the following weekend (10/2).

When the iWireless Center hosts other shows through next spring, a fiberglass floor protects the ice.