Hennepin Hoopla to Showcase What the State Park Offers

Aug 11, 2017

Two local groups are inviting nature lovers, history buffs, and others to the first "Hennepin Hoopla." It'll be held tomorrow at three locks on the Hennepin Canal in Milan.

Russell Medley from the University of Illinois Extension, says at each lock, adults and children can enjoy a variety of activities, such as fishing, hiking, and learning about pollinators and prairie plants. And he thinks the "Bike Blender" (ride a bike and make a smoothie) will be very popular.

The extension's co-sponsor for the Hennepin Hoopla is the Big Island Soil and Water Preservation Association. It runs from 9 am until 1 pm tomorrow.

Lock 30 is located by the Steel Dam on the south fork of the Rock River in Milan, at the end of 14th Street Northeast north of Airport Road. Locks 31 and 32 are located along Big Island Parkway, just off US Highway 67. And a shuttle will be available for rides between the locks.