'The Gallery Gap' Ep. 5: Representation + Community

Apr 5, 2017

This week, Claire and Melissa sit down with Chicago-based artist Kiam Marcelo Junio to talk about their work, their recent exhibition and performance at the Augustana Teaching Museum of Art, and the obligation of institutions to create space and community for and around marginalized voices. 

Kiam, Claire, and Melissa reflect on the role of institutions to not only engender these conversations but to create equitable, just, and sustainable spaces.

Also in this episode, we segue out of Women’s History Month and belatedly honor the Day of Transgender Visibility (March 31). Claire gives a quick primer on concepts of gender and sex, but we encourage you to check out the following resources as starting points for a more in-depth understanding of the topics:

Podcast: Stuff Mom Never Told You 

"The Peace Council" from Vocalo's "The Morning AMp"

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