Costco Plans for Davenport

Jul 19, 2017

The blue area in the lower left is the 17.9 acre Costco site, along 53rd Street in Davenport. The yellow eventually will be residential with commercial in the red section.
Credit City of Davenport

A public hearing set for Wednesday night on plans for a new Costco store in Davenport has been postponed. But the city council will set aside time anyway for public comments. 

Senior Planning Manager Matt Flynn says the proposed Costco site is along 53rd Street just west of Elmore Avenue on nearly 18 acres.

"I think Costco made a good argument for why this property should be included as part of our regional commercial center of Elmore Avenue. They have prepared a development plan that minimizes the impact to surrounding properties."

Flynn says the formal public hearing was postponed after corrections had to be made to the legal description of the property. It's now set for August 2nd.

Critics of the Costco project say it will add even more traffic to an already very crowded 53rd Street, they're concerned about water runoff, and they think more appropriate sites are not-too-far away, and available.