Bettendorf Replacing Grant Wood School

Apr 4, 2017

Plans are progressing to replace an elementary school in Bettendorf. Monday night the school board approved basic design plans for the new Grant Wood school. 

Principal John Cain says these plans include the general outline of the new building, that it will have 63,000 square feet, and where the parking lot will be.

"The next stage, the design stage, will determine what each classroom will look like, what the flooring will be, what the furniture will be, where the walls will be, things like that." 

Cain says the board first considered adding on to the school that was built in the 1950's, but decided against it. 

"A, the expense associated with remodeling and enough of the board members felt that if you were going to spend that much money on a remodel, you might as ell spend a little more and get everything brand new."

The new Grant Wood school will be built behind the current building. 

Groundbreaking for the $16.7 million school will probably be held this summer with completion in May of next year. Then the old building will be demolished and the new school will open in the fall of 2018.