Another Good Year for Downtown Davenport

Jun 8, 2017

the new hotel in City Square scheduled to open soon.
Credit Downtown Davenport Partnership

Millions of dollars worth of new projects were completed in downtown Davenport this year, and millions more are under construction. That was the message Thursday during the annual meeting of the Downtown Davenport Partnership. 

The partnership is a division of the Chamber of Commerce, and executive director Kyle Carter says since 2,000, more than 400 million dollars have been invested in downtown projects, including hotels, apartments, and other projects. 

"All across the country it's a trend that downtowns are on the rebound. And a lot that has to do with balancing what they bring to the table - there's a lot more residential now, there's a lot more neighborhood feel, and there's more retail and entertainment."

under construction - new apartments and commercial space
Credit Downtown Davenport Partnership

Projects currently under construction include the new campus for the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges - 28 million dollars, and the second half of City Square along 2nd Street - a hotel worth about 33 million.

Carter also emphasizes the importance of music - for culture but also for its impact on the economy. 

"The scene is legit and we need to start talking and acting like it. And I think it's had a major impact on workforce retention and recruitment and will continue to."

And much more is being planned - Carter says these projects total 53 million dollars and include a new office and retail building on the Howard Johnson's site, next to Government Bridge.