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Life After Hate

Dec 11, 2017
Tori Charnetzki / WVIK News

 Is there life after hate? The answer is yes for Frank Meeink who was the keynote speaker on Saturday during the Symposium Against Hate organized by One Human Family QCA. 

Tori Charnetzki / WVIK News

Teenagers at a local high school continued a tradition of honoring veterans. Today, ROTC students at Davenport Central High School recognized alumni who were killed while serving in the military. 

Herb Trix / WVIK News

The holidays are a time of food, family, and fire hazards. This morning, the Davenport Fire Department reminded people to prevent fires over Christmas and New Year’s. That's when it receives more emergency calls.

Tori Charnetzki / WVIK News

This month and next, a local campus is "draining the swamp".  Earlier this week, a crew drained the Augustana Slough. 

After a long weekend of eating and shopping, non-profits are asking people to think about charity.

Tori Charnetzki / WVIK News

People looking for work now have one place to go for job and unemployment services. This morning in Rock Island, the Illinois Department of Employment Security held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new American Job Center. The office features walk-in employment services as well as a call center that will serve people statewide.