Mindy Heusel

Music Director, Host of Perspective

Mindy started at WVIK on the evening shift, one night a week, while still a student at Augustana College. Not long after, the station began overnight service and she took on the graveyard shift for a full six nights. In 1985, she moved to days and began her long tenure as host of Perspective, WVIK's afternoon classical music program. Under her direction, the program has developed into a show focused on exploring new music from living composers, not just from orchestra halls but including Broadway and film music.

A strong musical background prepared Mindy, a native of Hooper, Nebraska, for a career as a classical music announcer. Mindy studied piano from the age of 3 and flute from the sixth grade, was a frequent piano accompanist, and was named a Promising Young Musician in the State of Nebraska.

Mindy served as Operations Manager at WVIK from 1985 until 1988. From 1992 to 1995 she served as Membership Manager, running Fund Drives and processing the all-important listener contributions to WVIK. She now serves as Music Director, keeping the CD and LP library up-to-date and organized for WVIK's classical programmers.

Join Mindy Heusel as she goes to the movies and previews the music and composers up for Best Original Film Score. She'll also talk with Mike Schulz of the River Cities' Reader about his picks for Best Picture.

Jacob Bancks join Mindy Heusel on Perspective for another episode of Music 101, this one featuring Augustana College's new Assistant Professor of Music and conductor of the Augustana Symphony Orchestra, Dr. Daniel Chetel.

Augustana College

Cliff Eidelman / Submitted

Mindy Heusel, host of Perspective on WVIK, celebrated the 50th anniversary of Star Trek on Tuesday. 

The retrospective show included music from the classic TV show, Next Generation, the film series and the recent "reboots."

Heusel also spoke with film composer Cliff Eidelman about his work on Star Trek VI and writing choral works in Klingon.