Michelle O'Neill

WVIK News Editor

Officially, my title is WVIK News Editor which really just means I wear many hats, doing everything there is to do in the newsroom and around the radio station. I'm a multimedia journalist and serve as Assignment Editor, reporter, radio news producer, copy editor, announcer, and news anchor/host. I also take photos, shoot videos, and write and produce content for WVIK.org and social media.

In the 2016 Illinois AP Broadcast Journalism Excellence Awards (small market radio division), I brought home 2nd place in the Best Series or Documentary category for several stories I reported about The Connection between Oral Care and Health Care. In addition, WVIK News placed second in Best Digital Presence in the 2016 Illinois AP contest.

I also helped the WVIK Newsroom win First Place awards for Overall Excellence, and Farm and Agribusiness in the 2016 Iowa Broadcast News Association contest, (large market radio division). 

Whenever I find a widget that might be useful to our listeners, I like to try it out here. So, for the 2018 governor's race, here's "The Money Game" widget from ProPublica Illinois.



When not working, I read, walk the dog, crochet, play drums and sing backup at church, plus go to lots of my nephew's baseball games.


Kensington, baying beagle bunny killer

Since adopting Kensy, I've learned all about how to deal with a hound who counter-surfs and devours whatever happens to be there. She is now 16 years old and doing well, sleeping a lot and keeping me on a strict treat and meal schedule (hers, not mine). 

submitted / Illinois Department of Transportation

This week, drivers should be prepared for another change in traffic patterns in downtown Moline.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

The Army and elected officials are shifting gears to support jobs and economic development on Arsenal Island. For 17 years, the federal government spent millions of dollars on the Arsenal Support Program Initiative, or ASPI.

But Michelle O'Neill reports over the winter, funding ran out and the program ended.

In 2001, the Arsenal Support Program Initiative became law, giving the Army permission to lease manufacturing space at its three arsenals to private companies. That included the Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center in the Quad Cities.

http://www.i74riverbridge.com/traffic/webcams.aspx / I-74 Mississippi River Bridge Project website

Flooding on the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities has not stopped construction of the new I-74 bridge.

https://goo.gl/Y2x3hP / Corps of Engineers Facebook page

Riverboat pilots and barge companies will probably have to exercise a little patience over the next few days. Today and Friday, the Corps of Engineers is preparing to close two locks on the flooding Mississippi River.

https://www.weather.gov/dvn/weatherstory / Quad Cities National Weather Service

Update Monday, 5/14 11:00 A.M. The river has crested upstream from Fort Madison, Iowa. And the weather service expects it to crest at Keokuk and Gregory Landing today or Tuesday. Rain in this week's forecast may delay the length of a few crests, and slow the fall in water levels. But local meteorologists say the rain is not expected to significantly change the current crest forecasts. 

file / MGN Online

Davenport police have released the name of a woman killed during an overnight shooting.

Courtney Celley / USFWS, midwest

This weekend, people will learn about frogs, toads, and how they communicate during a hike in the dark. On Saturday, the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center in Dixon will host a program called, "Moonlight Frog Chorus."

Bill Gaither / Carl Sandburg College

A new scholarship will help students who attend Warren County, IL schools afford college. This week in Monmouth, Carl Sandburg College announced gifts from Walter and Rose Sampson and four foundations will make it possible for some Monmouth-Roseville and United high school graduates to get free tuition.

Tori Charnetzki / WVIK News

Davenport is preparing for high water along its long riverfront. People can pick up sandbags at the public works building located at 232 South Marquette Street.

submitted / Iowa Department of Transportation

Fishermen, water skiers, wake boarders, sailors, and other boaters should be careful when traveling near a construction zone in the Quad Cities. That zone is located on the Mississippi River between Bettendorf and Moline, upstream from the I-74 bridge.

That's where Lunda Construction and other contractors are building the new, interstate bridge.