This year the city of DeWitt will help students at Augustana College get some "real world" experience. Students from two geography classes will study zoning as part of the college's Sustainable Working Landscapes Initiative.

Assistant professor of geography, Chris Strunk, says his students in urban design and urban planning will try to make up for the fact that DeWitt has no planning staff of its own.

In recent years, his students have done similar work for Clinton, and for the Green Bush neighborhood in Rock Island.

Kent Barnds talks with Chris Vaughan, Chief Information Officer at Augustana College, about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

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The Moline School District may help a private company develop some property. Monday night the board of education will consider a request from Dolan Commons for 1.2 million dollars in property tax rebates.

Chief Financial Officer, Dave McDermott, says Dolan is planning an 11.4 million dollar project for the corner of Avenue of the Cities and 27th Street. 

A gas station and restaurant have been demolished on the site, and it also includes a former Aldi store. Dolan wants to turn that into apartments, and put up a commercial building next door.

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Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg is celebrating a major milestone this weekend. Friday and Saturday, the college will hold several events to commemorate its 50th Anniversary. 

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A sidewalk at Augustana College in Rock Island is now a "free expression zone." This morning, students used chalk to write "make America safe again" and "black lives are human lives," on the campus Quad. 

Free the Teachers

Sep 21, 2016
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Even though he formally retired seven years ago, Dave Markward continues to work in education. 

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The Rock Island School District is asking business owners, parents, and community members to help create a strategic plan for the next three years. Tomorrow, school administrators will hold several focus group meetings.

On Midwest Week, trying to understand how schools are funded in Illinois and why that might change sometime soon.

Herb Trix's guest is Dusty Rhodes, education reporter for Illinois Public Radio in Springfield.

You can also hear Midwest Week on WVIK Friday's at 6:20 pm during All Things Considered. 

McGuire Contract Extended

Sep 13, 2016
Moline School District

A vote of confidence for the superintendent of the Moline schools. Monday night, the board of education approved a contract extension for Lanty McGuire.

McGuire was named interim superintendent in June of last year (2015), then in December the board made his appointment permanent with a contract through next June (2017). 

Thanks to the continuing budget fight between the governor and Illinois general assembly, it'll be another tight budget year for the United Township School District. Monday night the school board gave its final approval to a 20.8 million dollar budget for the coming year.

Superintendent Jay Morrow says because of low state funding for education, his  district will have to use reserve funds, again, to make up for a deficit of more than 2 million dollars.