As the Iowa legislature opens its new session, community leaders from the Quad Cities have a suggestion - update the school funding formula so all school districts in the state are treated the same. That was the message Tuesday at a news conference sponsored by the chamber of commerce.

Kids from the Sherrard area had fun finding a list of weird things Living Lands & Waters has found in rivers.
Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Hundreds of schoolchildren learned all about eagles today, thanks to a 30-year tradition in the Quad Cities. Michelle O'Neill reports.

Kent Barnds talks with Eric Rowell, Assistant Director of Admissions and Diversity Outreach at Augustana College, about the importance of considering general education courses when comparing colleges and universities.

The proposed site for solar panels at Washington Elementary School in Davenport / Davenport School District

The Davenport School Board wants to know what residents think about using solar panels  for energy. Tonight and tomorrow night, the district will hold public forums about the proposal. 

The state of Illinois has gone 18 months without a budget.  And the stop gap spending plan is about to expire with no new deal in sight.

A Davenport attorney wants to help the Davenport School District spend more money on its students. This week, Cathy Cartee filed a class action lawsuit against the Iowa legislature, the governor, and the Iowa Department of Education. 

Davenport School District

The superintendent of the Davenport schools is in trouble with the state of Iowa. Tuesday the School Budget Review Committee denied Art Tate's request to spend more than state law allows for his district, and Wednesday the Iowa Department of Education filed an ethics complaint with the Board of Educational Examiners.

Rivermont Collegiate

A private school in Bettendorf will once again have students living on campus. Rivermont Collegiate has decided to bring back "boarding" students, starting next fall.

Clinton Community College

What started as a small junior college for a few returning GI's after World War II is now a comprehensive community college with 1,900 students taking a wide range of classes. Clinton Community College will celebrate its 70th anniversary Wednesday.

After months of negotiations and failing to agree on a new contract, the East Moline School District and its teachers union have brought in some outside help. Monday afternoon, the two sides will meet with a federal mediator.