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Healthcare leaders in the Quad Cities are speaking out against the Senate healthcare bill.

Here's the text of her speech, supplied by her press office.

Mr. Speaker,

I worked in health care for nearly a decade – and I’ve seen up close how health care impacts the people I'm fortunate to serve. That’s why I began a short video series we call “Hear from the Heartland.”

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Wednesday is another big day of testimony before two Congressional committees investigating Russian attempts to influence the 2016 Presidential election. 


Repair work is scheduled to begin Friday at the Campbell's Island State Historic Site. 

Rock Island County

Tammy Weikert has a new part-time "job." The Rock Island County Circuit Clerk has been appointed to the Illinois Supreme Court's Commission on Access to Justice. 

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IT employees at the Corps of Engineers had to find a work-around to fix a problem with the Government Bridge camera. It took longer than usual because the cause was not ice, lightning, or an angry bird.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee in an open hearing on Tuesday.


This story was updated June 13 to reflect the results of the City Council meeting.

Rock Island police hope putting up some cameras will help them reduce crime in one neighborhood. Monday night the city council unanimously approved a proposal to spend $60,000 from federal block grant funds.

Some residents of Davenport will take the first step on Tuesday  to fill a vacancy on the city council. A primary will be held in the Third Ward, and there are 6 names on the ballot.

Rock Island County

A Rock Island woman may fill a vacancy on the county board. Friday board chair Ken Maranda nominated Edna Sowards to represent District 15.